Synthetic rattan is a type of material normally constructed of a kind of plastic known as polyethylene. It is designed to resemble rattan, wicker, or bamboo. It might be used to construct patio furniture or outdoor accessories. It is generally weatherproof, durable, and resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays..


Polyethylene, a type of lightweight yet flexible plastic, is normally used to make synthetic rattan. This material is then woven into various shapes in order to create objects. This is usually done by wrapping the product around an aluminum frame. It can be dyed prior to creating items or can be spray painted after the design has been completed.

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This product typically resembles natural rattan, which is harvested from palm trees in Asia, Australia, and Africa. It can also be made to look like wicker, which might be derived from reed or willow. Synthetic rattan could also look like any number of species of bamboo.

Even though this material resembles natural products, it is nonetheless more durable than them. Generally speaking, it is more flexible and less likely to break while it is being woven. It can also withstand exposure to the elements for a number of years without rotting or other damage.

The fact that synthetic rattan is durable and weatherproof makes it a good choice for creating patio furniture. It may also be used to assemble lanterns and torches for outdoor use.


RattanAPrima produces furniture with Synthetic Rattan or Outdoor Wicker materials, mostly from famous brands e.g. VIRO,  REHAU or high quality local brands, as our standard or as per requested from customer..